Monthly Archives: August 2002

The Man Who Went Back In Time With Like $1,000

Bunnies and fawns grazed peacefully in a verdant meadow. Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light! A hole appeared in mid-air, and a man stepped through. He brushed himself off as the hole sizzled to a close behind him, leaving only a faint whiff of ozone.

Slattery checked to make sure his satchel was still securely tightened. Inside were a thousand crisp dollar bills. It was the last of what had been an enormous fortune, nearly all of which had been spent researching and developing a working time machine. With this remaining thousand, though, he’d build a fortune that would dwarf even his former riches!
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The Babyminders

Slattery stood on the roof of the burning building and raised his fist as he shouted to the night sky…”FREEDOM! FREEDOM FROM TYRANNY!”

On the street below, a crowd had gathered. A lone voice wafted up from the throng: “Why? What’s your beef?” The voice belonged to a shortish bespectacled man named Nelson O’Malley, who worked as an accountant in one of the top firms in their futuristic utopian society, but who had thus far failed to find a suitable mate, and so lived alone in a plasteel habitat tower with three cats and a sizable collection of holographic hermaphrodite porn.
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